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Obeikan Education

The new Obeikan website will provide its viewers with a platform to introduce their innovative and education solutions. The website contains a variety of pages with relative and important information on the educational content and levels that are available on the website provided. In addition, the website provides the visiting students with access to the Obeikan educational portals, which specifically targets education for both Math and Science across a variety of ages.

Jordan Pharmaceuticals Association

The Jordan pharmaceutical association is a union for all the pharmacists in the country, in which they requested a system to organize all the union dues. The system organizes the different dues that the union workers need to pay, as well as contain all the names of the pharmacists in the country. The system will also provide the pharmacists with a detailed database of all the current medicines that are available at the Jordan pharmacists association.


The MENA ICT Forum needed a web presence to help increase awareness of the event and the number of attendees. made this possible with a website built around information sharing designed in a way to show the appeal of attending the Forum.

Al-Aman Fund Website

Al-Aman Fund website was developed to expand the Organization’s reach and message.

The Fund was created to aid Orphans continue their education after graduating from the schooling system, from University Tuitions, to Housing expense coverage.

Using the website online payment gateway, donors can make contributions to the Fund in order to help those less fortunate.

U C Mas - Jordan

The website presents the program in quite the colorful and dynamic manner, reflecting its cause and targeted mission. it offer diverse information about the whole concept, in addition to educational videos in the gallery that will provide more visual illustration. Interested individuals may find their nearest location to register by accessing the “Partners” section and browsing through the contact directory, and may also find answers to recurring inquiries in the FAQs section. Program’s updates and latest may be followed in the news and events section.


The Mahara website circulates around content to present the mission and vision of the establishment. The two main sections in the website are the client and the project sections. These sections offer a tabled listing of clients dealt with, and the project currently being tackled. The view can be made to have the listing filtering chronologically in a descending manner, or alphabetically.

Other features include the establishment’s news, a download’s section with all the establishment’s reports listed chronologically in a descending manner.

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The website was developed to incorporate the needs of the public who seek information about the Jordanian IT companies, and the needs of the member companies themselves. One of the main aspects of the website is the company directory. It contains a complete database of the private IT sector in Jordan. Each company is presented in terms of a profile page with the establishment history, line of business, workforce, etc… The directory section is managed by the members themselves, as each member is responsible to maintain the information found on the designated page.


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